1119 (Shrewsbury) Squadron ATC
Success Through Dedicaton

The Squadron Mobile App


The Squadron App is a web based mobile application that can be used across a host of devices. The app was developed by one of the 1119 cadets, Cadet Jonathan Smith, with the vision that it could be used by fellow cadets to enhance the cadet experience.

What can I do with the app?

The app gives cadets access to general details about the squadron, i.e. Opening Times, Contact Details, Costs etc. As well as this the app also provides access to a number of tutorial videos to assist cadets with the preparation and maintenance of their uniform.

Finally, the app also allows cadets to submit absence requests directly to the squadron. The cadet simply is required to enter their name in the name field and date and reason in the dates field, followed by submit. This will automatically be submitted to the squadron.

How can I get the app?

The app is a web based application and therefore it can be used across a host of platforms and further requires no actual download; but don't be fooled it still very much works as an app. Here is how you can add the app to your phone.

1) Open your web browser on your phone/ tablet (Safari is the best bet on IPhone/ IPad)

2)Enter the following URL into browser - apps.appshed.com/184153 (Please don't click on this as a link!!! copy and paste it!!)

3) This will automatically open the app in your browser, you can begin using it straight away. However, ideally you now want to add this to your home screen.

4) Within the options/actions in your browser there should be an option 'Add to Homescreen'. On an Iphone - Safari this can be done using the icon with a box and an arrow coming out of the top of it.

5)This should now insert and icon onto your phones menu which will allow you to access the app directly whenever you like.

Please enjoy the app!!!

Please Note- The app is likely to undergo updates in the future, this should automatically install updates, and therefore will not require you to complete any action.