1119 (Shrewsbury) Squadron ATC
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Uniform For Next Parade Night

Monday 20th May 2019 - Greens

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 - Working Blues

FIRST CLASS COURSE THIS SATURDAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED! We will endeavor to cover all these subjects on parade nights for the next few weeks to compensate for this.

During the colder months please make sure that you have the appropriate clothing on. Extra layers, coats, hats and gloves.

Important notices

Civilian Jackets must be worn to and from squadron parade nights and Activities!!

Guidance on Uniform

Evening All, Over the last few parade nights we have done our best to issue the probationer flight with uniform to hopefully allow them to take part in the Remembrance Parade on Sunday. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on an order with RAF Shawbury so have had to endeavour to provide uniform in the best size we can out of our current stocks in stores for a very large flight of new cadets; in some instances this has also involved persuading some of our older cadets to swap out their uniform for slightly bigger sizes.

We are very low on ties which means a number of cadets have not been issued with them, therefore as ties are required for Sunday we are sorry to ask for those cadets to purchase their own plain (Matt) Black tie to wear with the uniform.

Trousers and Skirts have been matched to the waist as best possible, but this will likely mean the lengths will need turning up, Trousers should be turned up so that when worn with shoes, they sit on the second lace hoop from the bottom of the shoe comfortably.

For Skirts - the finished length of the skirt is to be mid-knee.

If a cadet does not yet have parade shoes, they should wear smart, clean, black polished shoes that should look similar to parade shoes.

As we get the uniform order in we will endeavour furthermore to replace uniform that needs swapping for better sized or quality items.

With all of the above, and remembrance parade this Sunday, all cadets (and their parents im sure 😁 ) should refresh their memories on how to care and prep their uniform. please see below a link to the Staffordshire Wing Uniform Care Guide which should hold info on everything you need for each item of unform, hair and jewellery as well as sewing measurements for the brassard!


Upcoming Events

Please see our calendar below, for all upcoming events; details of times and uniforms will be added to the entries in the Calender

A Calendar of upcoming events can be found here :- Calendar


Potential new Cadets & their parents are invited along to find out what the air cadets is all about and start the process of joining this amazing organisation. Our next intake will be 3rd April 2019.

If you are interested in joining the Squadron this January you can email adj.1119@aircadets.org and include details of who is interested in joining the squadron in the comment section, we will contact you when the next date has been arranged.