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Success Through Dedicaton
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Drill and Ceremonial

Parade and Drill

The Air Training Corps always wants to show off to the public, which we always do successfully by amazing them with our excellent uniform, brilliant turn out and amazing drill. We always take parades very seriously and continuously turn up to important dates on the calendar such as Remembrance Sunday, Battle of Britain and the anniversary of the formation of the RAF.

As soon as you join the cadets drill is used as a team and discipline builder. Drill can be fun and looks amazing when done properly with correct timings and enthusiasm from the participants. At Air Cadet competitions, where you have the chance to compete against other squadrons, the drill competitions are always the most sorts after, there are three types of drill that you can do in the Air Training Corps they are;

Squad drill

This is where an individual giving orders to a squad of normally about 12 people.

Continuity drill

Completed without anyone giving the orders it's all done by memory and is a very good team builder because it makes everyone work together in keeping the timings right.

Banner drill

This is a team made up of 4 people with the banner taking central position.